Relaxation/ Swedish Massage:

   This kind of massage is the go-to / traditional massage to aid in muscle tension, increase blood circulation, decrease stress levels, improve range of motion and ultimately mental and physical relaxation. Pressure for this particular massage ranges from light to medium firm.

60 Minutes: $75.00

80 Minutes: $95.00

90 minutes: $105.00

Deep Tissue Massage:

   With this style of massage you will receive deeper pressure. I will use techniques to relieve and ease up "tight" areas that i come across and areas you would like more work on. My style of deep tissue is like no other, with a relaxation but still deep pressure feeling to it, I promise you will feel a lot better than when you first walked in. Have tension headaches, migraines, sore low back or have sciatica? or just like firmer pressure? This is the right massage for you.!

60 minutes: $90.00

80 minutes: $110.00

90 minutes: $120.00

Hot Stone Massage:

   If you never had one before, now is your chance to try it out! This type of massage involves the same principles as a relaxation/ Swedish massage but has hot stones incorporated. the stones will be gliding against your muscles with a temperature of no more than 126 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat added to your body and tension areas enhances deeper relaxation and the ultimate feelings of peace. this is Recommended in particular for individuals suffering from fibromyalgia, arthritis or other chronic pain.

60 minutes: $105.00

80 minutes: $125.00

90 minutes: $135.00